eating disorders

Eating disorder is a psychological behavioral disfunction connected with eating. Most widespread are bulimia and anorexia. Eating disorders are often called eating addiction. Eating disorder is an abnormal state which refers to the class of psychological disorders and therefore treatment for eating disorders is necessary. Sometimes eating disorders are caused by physical matters, they appear as a result of metabolism malfunction. But in the modern society these disorders are most often caused by psychological and personal factors. Treatment for eating disorders under the conditions of a permanent establishment is the most effective in this case. Eating addiction is mainly the result of problems connected with one’s willpower, therefore one needs psychological rehabilitation and restoration when the treatment for eating disorder starts. But as bulimia and anorexia cause a row of physical and social consequences it is necessary to provide a complex approach for an addict when the treatment for an eating disorder is being conducted.
We have both conditions for a full physical restoration (a healthy and balanced diet, sauna, gym, a fixed timetable) and high-qualified staff members — psychologists, psychotherapists and consultants who deal with addiction problems and who are ready to give you a comprehensive support. While restoration course is going on we are helping the patient to find joy in everyday life and healthy eating, we help one to find the reasons of one’s illness and to work out some methods of their removal. We have more than 15 years of successful experience in treating various addictions!

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