Drug addiction is an inability to stop taking drugs. The addiction fully subdues one’s will. Drug addiction is incompatible with one’s freedom, a drug addict loses all of his or her moral values, comes down as an individual, gradually and fully escapes from society breaking his or her relationships with the family and community. An addict has an early death caused by drugs usage and concomitant diseases.
Treatment for drug addiction is a continuous staged process. A recovery from drug addiction is a way to a happy, successful and effective life.
Treatment for drug addiction on this stage is a diagnosis of the addiction and of the drugs usage. Patient’s problem is defined: which drug was used, physical and psychological damages caused by drugs usage, patient’s overall condition and his or her motivation for the treatment.
A patient is being motivated to receive the treatment for drug addiction.
Compulsory treatment for drug addiction is illegal, that’ why we have a team of psychotherapeutic intervention employed. Compulsory treatment for drug addiction in this case means putting the patient in such a situation where he or she agrees to the treatment for drug addiction. Compulsory treatment for drug addiction is a result of addict’s relatives and specialists collaboration which is absolutely legal.
When one stops taking drugs he or she has an abstinent syndrome showing up. Abstinent syndrome involves intense and painful physical malaise caused by cessation of taking drugs. In this state one is physically sick and has temporal psychological disorders — psychosis and hallucinations.
The only reasonable method of withdrawing the abstinent syndrome known for today is detoxification.
Chemical detoxification is a method with the help of which drugs and products of their dissolution are cleaned out of the human body with the use of special medicines which are drip fed.
Treatment for addiction is only possible when abstinent syndrome is over. Chemical detoxification is the best way to pass this stage quickly and without pain.

Treatment for drug addiction is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the main stage of recovery.
Rehabilitation includes a complex physical and psychological restoration.
Rehabilitation centre is a therapeutical community in the base of which there are psychologists, psychotherapists, expert in drug abuse and addicts themselves.
Rehabilitation centre allows one to realize the problem of one’s disease completely.
Rehabilitation opens most reliable ways to the recovery. One learns some skills for dealing with stresses and learns how to deal with the desire to use in order to stay sober. Restoration therapy is held and it includes massages, regular physical activities, sauna, work with expert in drug abuse, psychologist’s work, work with psychotherapists which is held individually and on classes.
In case if it is necessary an approach involving medicaments is applied for treating psychological and physiological disorders caused by addiction.
Rehabilitation and treatment for addiction also includes one acquiring social adaptation for the life in society when drug usage is completely over. On this stage one restores one’s relationships with family and relatives, finds new acquaintances in the therapeutic environment replacing old relationships with people one had been taking drugs with.
Rehabilitation centre creates such conditions in which an addict revalues his or her life targets and reviews his or her past. An addict acquires skills for controlling and fighting an obsessive desire to use drugs.
During a year after graduation our centers are ready to help one to stay sober, giving supporting consultations and an opportunity to be present in the therapeutical environment in case if an intense desire to take drugs will show up.

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