Kleptomania phenomenon is spreading more and more nowadays. Kleptomania is an insuperable thirst to steal, most often this disorder is expressed by small thefts, not having a serious criminal responsibility.
And despite the fact that this disease is quite harmless for the society, treatment for kleptomania is urgent.
Like in the case of any other behavioral or psychological pathology, treatment for kleptomania is important and necessary.
The treatment for kleptomania is important at least for the reason that kleptomania is often a symptom of some more serious emotional disfunction, which may outgrow into depression, some more dangerous manias or into drug addiction.
Today there is no single method which allows to accomplish a successful treatment for kleptomania. Medication approach is often being applied among psychotherapists while treating kleptomania. However psychoactive substances taking often has only a temporary effect. Such kleptomania treatment leads to the development of some more serious disorders or to the medication addiction.
It is important to treat kleptomania using a complex approach, taking into consideration physical, social and emotional aspect of the disease. One suffering from kleptomania needs to take up social rehabilitation and to work out some new forms of behavior which is very difficult to accomplish in the social medium. While one is being treated for kleptomania, medicaments taking can also be necessary, but in this particular case it is important to observe their usage and to monitor patient’s state, because uncontrolled medicaments usage will only make the situation worse.
Practice shows that the treatment for kleptomania under the conditions of a permanent establishment is the most successful method. It helps to isolate one from outside factors which have a stressful impact on one’s psychology and makes a constant regulation and alteration of the patient’s behavior model possible. It is necessary, because the disease of kleptomania makes one’s behavior uncontrolled.

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