5Bulimia is a psychological disease, an eating disorder, which manifests itself in a strong intensification of the appetite which most often arises suddenly and which has such force that makes it almost impossible to restrain yourself from eating. Bulimia may lead to tragic consequences which means that the treatment for bulimia is necessary.
In most cases while overeating one strives to achieve satisfaction. The aim may be a psychological state of calmness or a compensation of some kind of loss, but the reason lies in one thing which is one’s concealed dissatisfaction of oneself. The primary aim of the treatment for bulimia is to deal with this sphere.
An important point to consider is the fact that bulimia may lead to a row of psychological and physical disorders. That’s why the treatment for anorexia is important to be started as fast as possible.
It is important to know that bulimia often leads to the alcohol or drug abuse which quickly grows into chemical addiction. Therefore the treatment for bulimia is important to be conducted using a complex approach.
Treatment for bulimia is a long process which requires patience and persistence. The treatment for bulimia consists of several stages which are important to pass in full measure for the minimization of the risk of a breakdown. The treatment for bulimia must be conducted by specialists only — by psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Beyond this it is important to carry out a constant monitoring after the ill person in order to find an optimal selection of the methods of treatment. In order to perform this it is necessary for the ill person to be in the therapeutical environment which we are ready to provide.
When the treatment for bulimia starts a doctor carries out a comprehensive examination of one’s physical state. Physical researches help to define whether nervous system disorders or problems with hormonal functions caused bulimia. An analysis of the physical and psychological state of the ill person is being carried out at the same time. Psychological state of the patient and the reasonability to take medicaments is being defined while the treatment for bulimia is being conducted. Patient’s behavioral peculiarities, hidden manias and phobias, habits are being studied. Having carried out an analysis of these data we get to know which unconscious motives and complexes force one to overeat which is very important to do before starting the treatment for bulimia. People suffering from bulimia are often reserved and not ready to share their habits and desires and that’s way the diagnosis may take some time. Monitoring in the therapeutical environment helps to achieve quite detailed diagnosis of the patient.
On the base of the data received from the diagnosis of the patient an individual plan is being made up and the treatment for bulimia is conducted according to this plan. The necessity to take medicaments is defined. While one is being treated psychologists and psychotherapists are working with him or her. The patient becomes familiar with the reasons of his or her disease, the reasons that lie in the unconscious, while working in the groups and individually. When the patient realizes what lies behind his or her disease he or she is able to remove the consequences. Health-improving complexes and psychological correction methods help to normalize the functioning of the psychological and physiological systems. The treatment for bulimia is based on these things.
It is important to realize that bulimia is most often caused by stresses and unhealthy conditions in patient’s life and therefore the recovery requires patience and gradualness. Time and healthy environment are very important factors, they guarantee patient’s healthy approach to himself or herself and his or her restoration.
A gradual patient’s re-socialization is being carried out. At the same time psychologists are working with the family. Mutual understanding is achieved and the relationships are restored. The one recovering finds his own ways of self-realization, revaluation of one’s priorities takes place and it helps one to learn how to live happily and how not to use food as an antidepressant or stimulator.




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