4Nervous anorexia is an eating disorder which manifests itself in an intentional pathological loss of weight for the purpose of growing thin or controlling one’s weight. As this weight loss leads to death the treatment for anorexia is urgent and necessary. One being guided by one’s complexes and feeling of one’s defectiveness intentionally limits oneself in eating and thinks that food consumption makes one’s body ugly and «overweight».

Anorexia manifests itself in an obsessive desire to lose weight and fear of obesity. Although one can look quite normal one can be sure that he or she is overweighted. One suffers from a negative body image. Psychological disfunction is the main problem in treating anorexia.
First of all anorexia is characterized by a significant weight loss while the ill person denies the fact of his or her disease. One can eat in the same way he or she used to but take purgatives or make oneself vomit being guided by an obsessive idea that the consumed food will cause harm and stimulate weight gain.
In case when the exhaustion and body morbidness becomes evident the treatment for anorexia needs to be urgently conducted.
In addition anorexia may be accompanied by insomnia and constant depressive mood. While talking one can be obsessed with the topics of food, obesity and growing slim, express a panic fear to «become overweighted ». The patient often has depression, aggressiveness and touchiness, especially when it comes to his or her problem.
Behavioral and psychological disfunction also indicates the necessity to start the treatment for anorexia.
Anorexia is often a secondary disease caused by psychoactive drugs usage — narcotic or alcohol. If it is really so, one should be first treated for the addiction as the addiction itself is the primary disease which leads to some other psychological disorders. However the specific character of these disorders mustn’t be ignored. That’s why the treatment for anorexia is important to be conducted using a complex and comprehensive approach.
The treatment for anorexia as in the case of any other disorder is conducted using a complex approach while physiological and psychological reasons of the disease are being removed. The disease may be caused by drugs usage, medicaments usage or by mental illnesses. In this case we treat the main disease and the complex approach allows us to define this disease and get rid of it while we help the patient to start eating healthily and the adoption of a new diet is introduced as smooth as possible.
High-qualified psychologists and psychotherapists are working with patients. A patient is working with them individually and in the therapeutic community and defines his or her true reasons of the disease, finds mechanisms to prevent them and learns how to control his or her psychological state in order to avoid a recurrence which is the main point while the treatment for anorexia is being conducted. Physical part includes a healthy balanced diet, visiting reflexologist and audiologist, health and fitness activities. All of these helps the patient to restore his or her physical condition and in combination with psychological methods of treatment gives an optimal result in the recovery.

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