Renessans addiction treatment clinic is a member of an organization called Narcological Association Renaissance. In the frame of our organization you can conduct the treatment for addiction abroad — in Bulgaria. The treatment for addiction in Bulgaria is conducted at Zolotye Peski, where a resort rehabilitation centre is located. This rehabilitation centre has resort conditions for living. Treatment for drugs addiction, alcohol addiction or any other addiction in this case involves an intensified influence in health-improving and restoration spheres of recovery.
Treatment for addiction abroad and rehabilitation which this rehabilitation centre offers is recommended for the restoration of an addict in case of serious destructions caused by drugs usage or for restoration measures when the main rehabilitation of the patient is over.

Treatment for addiction abroad, rehabilitation in Bulgaria, can be a part of our program, which compiles the treatment for addiction, which our rehabilitation centre offers. In case of cooperating with our organization, treatment for drug addiction abroad will be conducted as a complex treatment for addiction on the base both of the centre in Kiev and abroad.

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