“Renessans addiction treatment clinic” is a leader in the field of addiction treatment. We are the team of professionals with the more than 10 years’ experience. We offer the highest quality treatment for people affected by substance use disorders and other addictions.

For us the most important thing is to provide the highest quality clinical care tailored to the client and their family’s individualized needs.

Our mission is to save lives and help people live life in long-term recovery.


fySpJSGqaNkWe know how important it is for the addict to receive support and understanding and we guarantee to provide it efficiently and effectively. We offer individualized care to each client, respecting their needs when beginning treatment and seeing them through to a lifetime of recovery.

Clients participate in individual and group counseling sessions. Following a psychological assessment, our specialists develop an integrated treatment plan to suit the client’s individualized needs. Clinical treatment is complemented by self-help supportive meetings.



Treatment of addiction is not only a psychological work, but also courses of physical recovery. The use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. Research shows that when treating substance-use disorders, a combination of medication and behavioral therapies is most successful.


One of the latest techniques, which is included in the treatment of addiction and helps organize the brain is neurodynamic audio psycho correction. It affects certain sound frequencies to the brain areas that are responsible for vital functions such as sleep, appetite, stress.

Electrotherapeutic sleep therapy acting weak electrical impulses to specific parts of the brain, electrosleep stimulates serotonin production. Serotonin reduces emotional activity that contributes to the restoration of sleep, mental clarity, increase endurance and resistance to stress.


We provide anonymous treatment of drug addiction.

Anonymous addiction treatment is a very important element, since the disclosure of the diagnosis to the society makes a person inadmissible and it is extremely complicated social life and employment. Your confidentiality is respected and valued. This provides a secure and caring environment in which people feel safe about being honest with the challenges they face. Treating only a small number of individuals at a time also allows us to offer one of the most generous staff-to-patient ratios in the country for a recovery program. Our expert staff can get to know you and create a personalized treatment program designed to meet your specific needs.


We offer treatment in the clinic, and are willing to help you at any time telephone consultations and home, if necessary. We offer treatment for drug addiction in Kiev, in the private sector in fifteen minutes from the subway station Slavutich.

It is important to realize that every second counts, and the sooner treatment begins more effective it will be. Even occasional use of «light» drugs can lead to serious consequences, the more-that the relationship always leads to premature death.

If you or your relatives have started using drugs — do not waste time, call us now!









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