509937__jpgLudic behavior or games addiction is a form of dependent behavior which manifests itself in one’s obsessive desire and pathological tendency to play gambling. Games addiction, like any other dependent behavior, becomes paramount in one’s life and leads to the destruction of all spheres in one’s vital activity.

Games dependence today is a live issue in our country and the reason for it is the fact that gambling and the business connected with it has been legalized in the beginning of 2015.

Games dependence leads to the destruction of one’s family relationships, relationships with the community and one’s financial state in the first place. The ill person’s ability to work considerably decreases and the same happens to his or her interest for any aspect of vital activity apart from gambling. This is the main reason for the necessity to conduct the treatment for games addiction in the case of the illness.

Ludic behavior has some definite features which are important to know in order to understand the heart of the matter.

  • Constant involvement, increasing of the time spent playing and for the sake of the game.
  • Changes in one’s focus of interest, displacement of former targets, ambitions and values with an obsessive desire to play. Constant thoughts about the game, situations connected with the game combinations are prevailing in one’s imagination.
  • «Loss of control» which manifests itself in a disability to stop the game both after a big win and after a row of losses.
  • States of psychological discomfort, irritation and anxiety developing after comparatively short periods of time after another participation in the game, an obsessive desire to take part in the game again. Such conditions remind abstinent syndrome state with a row of similar features: they are accompanied by headaches, sleeping disorders, anxiety, bad mood, problems with concentration of attention.
  • Gradual increase of the frequency in participating in the game and a desire for higher risk is typical.
  • A quick lowering of an ability to resist the desire to participate in the game. Recurrences of the dependent behavior after the decision to stop any participation in the gambling.

Today games dependence is a serious problem which affects both the lives of particular people and the community in general. Treatment for games addiction is as important to conduct as it is important in the case of any other addiction and the treatment for any addiction must be carried out using a complex approach.


159340Computer games addiction, games addiction is a psychological addiction, a dependent behavior which manifests itself in one’s obsessive, unnatural passion for computer games.

In most cases computer addiction is provoked by online games where hundreds and thousands of people take part 24 hours a day using Internet.

Computer addiction may be caused by ludic behavior in many ways, when one is seeking some acute feelings and ardor in computer games. Besides, there is another, more widespread reason which provokes addiction for computer games and it is agoraphobia — one’s fear of outer space, society and people. In this case one is seeking a more comfortable, secure and attractive way to communicate with people with the help of computer games. It must be taken into consideration that virtual world seems much more colorful than the real one for such people.

Compulsive dependent behavior which lies in excessive and unreasonable Internet usage to the prejudice of healthy relationships, body and mind is an Internet addiction or dependence from the Internet.

Internet addiction, games addiction and computer games addiction often occur together when one is trying to avoid the contact with reality and communicates with the world around him or her with the help of a computer.

In any case computer games addiction and Internet addiction erases all the focus of one’s interest and one’s priorities, one becomes indifferent to life and to any activity not connected with computer games. All of one’s conversations are aimed at discussing and propagandizing his or her favorite games.

Computer addiction and Internet addiction are practically identical with features of ludic behavior and therefore, the treatment for computer addiction is also important to be carried out using a complex approach and without delay as these addictions lead to the degradation of one’s life and body and may bring about some forms of chemical addiction.

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