8Addiction is a complex decease that destroys both human physical and mental state. That is why aside from recovering health and the lost values it is critical to understand the importance of work with the patients mind that got damaged due to the use and abuse of the psychoactive substances.

At our center we have a highly qualified expert in narcology with the highest degree Stovburg Yaroslav Vladimirovich.

While observing the patient in the in-patient mode the expert in narcology can determine the detailed portrait of the disease — both mental side of the decease and his motivation to recovery and his understanding of the problem.

Thanks to the consultations of the expert in narcology the patient acquires the understanding of his problem and reevaluates his state.

The expert in narcology develops the methods of the addition treatment by adopting the program individually for each patient, considering the details of the disease and the personality of the addicted. Based on the observation we develop the relapse prevention plan for the patient that could be possible in the future after the completion of the program.






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