Detoxification is a process of cleaning the body from narcotic toxins.
We run the detoxification using a drop counter and it allows one to fight the syndrome of cancellation without pain. A patient is drip fed with antidotes to block the effect of the toxins from drugs dissolution and it helps to clean them out of the body as fast as possible. As a rule the course of detoxification using a drop counter (turbo detoxification) takes two or three procedures, one taking a day. Besides the drop counter our expert in drug abuse can prescribe the patient a course of medicines which help the nervous system to restore after a period of drug abuse. Sleeping, appetite, emotional state become healthy during a short period of time.
A course of full detoxification which combines drip feeding, medicine taking and physical restoration takes from 14 to 28 days. In case if you just want to stop the post abstinent syndrome the course of detoxification can take about 3 days.
Detoxification is an important element of restoration and rehabilitation.
Detoxification is an important procedure because it allows to clean the toxins from drugs out of the body without pain. It helps one to restore during a short period of time and relives the patient of suffering from the syndrome of cancellation (withdrawal pains, hangover).
Herewith detoxification includes physical restoration — phototherapy, sauna, some physical activities. With the help of complex detoxification even most hopeless addicts can restore their physical state and emotional welfare which are crucial for further comprehensive treatment.

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